Tips from a Celebrity trainer on how to get wedding-ready to be most confident on the big day

Congratulations – you’re engaged, and the big day is fast approaching. Your wedding is a huge milestone in your life, and this is the one day of your life centred around you and the love of your life. You’ve likely been dreaming (and planning for) for this day years, so we want to ensure you are your most confident self so you can look back on this beautiful day with no regrets.

To help your wedding dreams come true, here are my top tips as a Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Expert on how to being your most confident self on the big day.

1. Hydration is key Water has many benefits for your health and is one of the key habit changes to help you make bigger changes and get your health, fitness and therefore confidence in check. At a minimum, drink 2-3 Litres, no exceptions!

2. Get that body moving One of the most important steps– staying active. Getting your body moving is important for both your physical and mental health and is incredibly important to get into your routine early. I live and preach that we should all get 45 minutes in daily to move, whether that be a long walk, HIIT training or even dancing in your room! Find movement you love and ensure you are consistent.

3. Keep an eye on your diet Now we’ve got hydration and movement down, it’s time to focus on what you’re putting in your body. Diet is super important, but It’s all about balance. Eat your fruit, veggies, and protein – but also allow yourself to indulge every now and then to keep yourself sane. A conscious mind paired with daily exercise should keep you feeling your best.

4. Get in some R&R Rest and recovery are just as important as movement. Get as much sleep as you can and allow your body to recover so you can feel and look your best. You will reap the benefits as your body and mindset start to change, and your most confident self comes shining through!

5. Invest in yourself Everybody has insecurities that hinder their self-confidence. For me, my smile was holding me back, so I invested in getting a smile that I love. I recommend finding that thing that is stopping you from being your most confident and investing in you so you can be 100% happy with yourself, inside and out!

6. Don’t forget to smile The big day has arrived – now it’s time to step out in front of the crowd with confidence. My last tip – don’t forget to smile! Research from SmileDirectClub has shown that Australians believe those that smile at them are warm (47.3%), welcoming (61.6%) and confident (31.56%), so be sure to show those pearly whites so you’re beaming with confidence on the big day.

Jono Castano Acero is a Personal Trainer to the stars and a member of the SmileDirectClub Australian confidence council.

You can connect with Jono here on Instagram