Vendor Spotlight – Jono Castano Acero – Personal Trainer

My name is Jono Castano Acero and I’m a Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Expert. I am also a member of SmileDirectClub’s Confidence Council and am helping spread the word about a power of a smile in transforming one’s confidence.


Jono is sharing his tips for your wedding day with Just as Planned.

What’s one part of the wedding I can skip—and never miss?

Skip feeling stressed in the lead-up to the day and don’t miss feeling your most confident on the big day!

What are some tips as an industry expert you can share about wedding planning?

When it comes to health and fitness, be sure you’re looking and feeling your best. Prep for this starts long before the wedding so be sure you’re working with someone who can get you to where you’ll look and feel your best.

How do couples make sure their wedding feels true to who they are?

Be sure to take note of what you want far in advance – forget about trends and pleasing the people you’re hosting, instead look introspectively on what you believe will make yourself happy and follow that.

There are a lot of over-the-top details in magazines—do brides to be need those in their wedding?

It depends on who you are, it’s always good to be informed so you can make decisions for yourself.

Any ideas for what to do the day after the wedding?

Enjoy married life!

You can connect with Jono here on Instagram