Avoid the Rising Cost of Weddings & Wedding Budget Blowouts

There’s a widely accepted ‘belief’ that weddings are getting more expensive year by year. And that’s not untrue. Most suppliers increase their rates over time. But even given the normal increases, are weddings about to become more expensive? And is it possible to avoid wedding budget blowouts if they do?

Weddings could become more expensive in 2022 and 2023.

If you’ve been planning a wedding over the last 12 months, you may have already noticed costs increasing for wedding related expenses and there are several reasons for this:

– Labour shortages

– Higher manufacturing costs

– Increased shipping costs

But the biggest impact on the wedding industry has of course been Covid-19, which caused downsizing, postponements and cancellations. Right now vendors are working hard to bounce back, but with the added pressure of rising costs and difficulty finding the right staff, some vendors will be forced to increase their fees above what’s normal, which they may pass onto couples.

Does that mean your wedding will be more expensive?

If you’re planning a wedding right now, the news that wedding costs are about to rise may have you worried. But I’m here to show you that you can avoid budget blowouts and still have the wedding you want.

Identify Your Wedding Budget Before Spending It.

The quickest way to blow your budget is to not have one in the first place. The risk of spending without a budget is running out of money before you’ve booked and purchased all of the elements you need for your wedding.

When you work with a professional Wedding Planner like myself they’ll help you to understand how much the wedding you have in mind will cost. But first you must determine how much money you have available and this includes any contributions you may receive from others. I also recommend factoring in a contingency of 10-20% to cover any unexpected expenses.

Give Yourself Time and Identify Your Priorities

Do you tend to spend more and less wisely when you make a rushed decision? When we’re short on time, this is what most of us do – which is why starting wedding planning as early as you can, could help you avoid budget blowouts. Whilst 14-12 months is ideal, you can plan your wedding in less time as long as you’re clear about your priorities for your budget.

This is another way a Wedding Planner can be a very valuable investment for your wedding. A Wedding Planner will keep you (and your spending) focused on what’s important to you, whilst managing your budget, so you can make wise purchasing decisions rather than rushed ones.

Whilst weddings may become more expensive over the next 1-2 years, there are clever ways to avoid blowing your budget on the experience. If you’d like my help managing your budget and identifying your priorities so you can have the wedding you’ve been dreaming about on the budget you have, let’s talk!

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