Bridal Jewelry: 5 Rules To Break

A lifelong commitment, combining finances, a discussion about kids, living situation, taxes… It’s a long to-do list when you’re getting married. Jewelry?

Let’s tick that off your list.

There are so many guidelines for what your wedding and engagement rings should look like. But if you ask me, there’s only one rule: it speaks to you.

The Ring is a piece of jewelry you’ll wear for a lifetime. It’s the one piece of jewelry you need to be super comfortable with.

Your mother in law? That friend who tells you what your wedding or engagement ring should look like? They won’t be the ones wearing it.

These are the rules I invite you to break:

1. Stone. Diamonds most common for wedding and engagement rings because they are the most durable and tough. But sapphires and rubies come a close second. And if you don’t mind a little more TLC, there are other gemstones you can choose too. Your ring doesn’t even have to have a gemstone.

2. Price. There’s nothing wrong with splurging for a ring. But if the cornerstone of your engagement or wedding ring is the price point, that’s where we disagree. The price doesn’t decide a ring’s true value. Your choice of metal and choice of gemstones will impact a ring’s numerical value. But the sentimental value is in your hands.

3. Metal. Wedding and engagement rings don’t always have to be gold! Perhaps you don’t like the warmer tones gold is famous for. Maybe you don’t want a gold ring. Or silver is what’s in your budget right now. There are a ton of options. You can explore material that’s meaningful to you and your partner. Don’t let society decide how you symbolize your love.

4. Timing. You don’t need to get the ring right away. Plenty of couples put the financial burden of the engagement ring or wedding bands for later. Sometimes they prefer to wait until when the baby is there, and the finger size is back to normal. Sometimes they can’t find the perfect ring within a set timeframe. And at times it’s cashflow and a matter of priorities. That’s where the placeholder ring comes in as a trend that gets to stay. Plenty of clients shared they wanted to buy their dream house before investing in a ring. And a placeholder ring gives you that freedom.

5. Change. The Ring doesn’t need to stay The Ring forevermore. Many rings eventually need a ‘touch up’. Whether it’s a quick polish, strengthening the prongs, another round of plating or a resize. We’re often called to redesign a ring to better suit the couples in their current state. Life is a journey that takes you down roads expected and unexpected. Change? Embrace it.

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