Vendor Spotlight – Ethical Jewellery – Gardens of the Sun

Gardens of the Sun makes jewelry in small batches for big impact. This women-owned business disrupts the status quo. Think clean supply chains, mercury free gold and using jewelry as an excuse to plant trees. An engagement ring with a diamond that’s not just conflict free, but from known origin? A wedding band made of gold mined by indigenous women who receive fair pay? Gardens of the Sun walks the walks when it comes to the ethics and impact behind your new favorite jewelry.

Please introduce yourself to our readers. They love to know about you, your passion, and how you came to find and follow your passion for weddings.

Hi! I’m Meri Geraldine, founder of the ethical jewelry brand Gardens of the Sun. Before designing jewelry, I worked as a sustainability consultant: campaigning against oil palm plantations, protecting tropical rainforests and advocating for indigenous people.

At Gardens of the Sun, I still seek a higher purpose in everything we do. We use jewelry as a vehicle to plant trees, empower female miners to stop using mercury and send kids to school.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are a symbol of love. I believe the way they’re made should also reflect your love for everything around you.

What’s one part of the wedding you can skip—and never miss?

I’d skip over-the-top decorations, and focus on what lasts beyond your wedding day.

Think: photos, videos, and of course the rings!

Rings can be an incredible memento, especially if they’re ethical rings.

The wedding party is the celebration of love you share with others. The rings are the symbol of love you share between the two of you. You’ll wear it every day, and see it all the time.

What are some tips as an industry expert you can share about wedding planning?

The main goal in wedding planning is to make sure everyone has a great time.

How ? Make sure you wear something you both absolutely love and feel comfortable in. You want to boogie on the dance floor, not struggle with pain from your heels or fuss with your tight bustier!

Decide how you want to remember this special day. Whether a perfume, the scent bringing you back to your wedding day. Or a photographer and videographer to capture those memories.

My personal favorite: splurge on your dream bridal jewelry. Whenever you wear it again, it makes you feel just as special.

How do couples make sure their wedding feels true to who they are?

When it comes down to wedding bands, make sure it speaks to you, fits your daily aesthetic and is in line with your values.

At Gardens of the Sun, we believe your love shouldn’t hurt anyone. We want people to enjoy wearing their jewelry without guilt around environmental destruction to mine the gold, or modern slavery surrounding your diamond.

There are a lot of over-the-top details in bridal magazines, do brides-to-be need all of the details in their wedding?

It can be tempting to create a Pinterest worthy wedding. From the wedding invitation, DIY-ing the wedding favors, or spending so much on expensive flowers.

While these things might look great in photos or at first glance, those aren’t the things your guests and you will remember. The weddings I remember best are the weddings with the most laughter and dancing. And they weren’t the ones planned to the most detail. So to save yourself from stressful wedding planning, focus on what memories you’d like to create. And then pick the details that’ll help you create those memories.

Any ideas for what to do the day after the wedding?

If it’s a destination wedding, I’d suggest a casual lunch with the immediate family and closest friends. No fancy dresses or make-up, just a chill time to chat before everyone goes home. If it’s a local wedding, a spa day for the couple will help them ease into the normal days – if they don’t go straight to their honeymoon!

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