Vendor Spotlight – Henry Paul Photography

Hank Paul (they/he) is a distinguished wedding photographer, writer, and LGBTQ+ advocate. They were named one of Australasia’s Top 5 Wedding Photographers in 2022 by CaptureMag, won the Out For Australia 30 Under 30 Award, and are the creator of the ground-breaking documentary podcast First Look: How Marriage Equality is transforming the wedding industry.

Please introduce yourself to our readers. They love to know about you, your passion, and how you came to find and follow your passion for weddings.

Hey there, I’m Hank (they/he) and I am Sydney’s premier inclusive and sustainable wedding photographer.

As a Queer person who spent most of my life in the church, people always put me in a box and said “here, this is who you are”.

No one took the time to ask me who I wanted to be. I lived in a world full of assumptions. Through the medium of photography, I am here to celebrate all humans in love. Fast forward to today, and I’ve stopped making assumptions. Instead, I’ve made a living from asking questions.

I believe great wedding photography is the ultimate answer to the question “Who are you really?”

For you, what’s one part of the wedding guests should never miss?

Don’t miss the post-ceremony hugs! I always tell guests to go straight up to the couple after the ceremony ends. People often feel awkward or worried about being the first one to make a move. But when no one makes the first move, everyone stands around feeling even more awkward.

Don’t be a sheep! Do yourself and your “just-married” friends a favour and go up and give them a hug 🙂

As the expert, what is your number 1 tip you can share with our audience about wedding planning?

Make your wedding inclusive Weddings are full of gendered and exclusive language.

If you’re looking for a way to be more inclusive at your wedding, consider using more gender-neutral terms like “wedding party” instead of the traditional “bridal party”.

This can help ensure that all your guests feel welcome and included in the celebration. Another way to be more LGBTQ+ inclusive at your wedding is to ensure that your celebrant and MC use inclusive language when addressing your guests. This can include avoiding exclusive terms like “ladies and gentlemen” in favour of more gender-neutral alternatives, like “friends and family”.

What you the best piece of advice you can give on how couples can make sure their wedding feels true to who they are?

First and foremost, your wedding should align with your values as a couple. When you determine your top 3 wedding values, they become an anchor for all of the following decisions that you are going to make during the planning process.

Values, by nature, are subjective and need to be agreed upon by the two people planning the wedding.

What are your personal values?

Do you value being inclusive of everyone?

Do you value intimate, quality time with your closest loved ones?

Share one of your secret tips with our readers how they can ensure their wedding goes… Just as Planned.

Think about how you can make your wedding accessible.

When it comes to making your wedding more accessible, don’t be embarrassed to ask your guests directly what they need.

You can include a question on your RSVP form for your friends and family to identify if they need priority parking or wheelchair access.

Someone living with chronic fatigue might prefer to have a seat reserved for them near the back. Someone who is vision- or hearing-impaired might prefer to be seated near a speaker. You could include a note on your invitation that says something along the lines of: “We are so excited to host you at our wedding. As a beloved guest, it is our priority to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you have any special requirements or requests, please contact us immediately so that we can accommodate you.”

Any ideas you can share for what to do the day after the wedding? 

Chat with your caterer and make a plan to donate your leftover food to a local charity that night. Lots of food kitchens will happily take your food off your plate (pun intended) and ensure it’s re-distributed to people who need it. Then, take a few days off to rest your feet and reconnect as a couple after a big, stressful week.


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