Is it Pawfect Love? With Dani Rathman

Welcome to Just as Planned TV show and Podcast. My name is Amanda Lutvey from Marry me Amanda and I am so thrilled to be one of your hosts here on Just as Planned for season 3. 


Now today, I am so thrilled to introduce you to Dani Rathman the owner and creative genius behind the business – Pawfect Love!  


Dani started her career as an Occupational Therapist before doing what a lot of us do and starting a creative side hustle called Pawfect Love in 2015. The little side hustle grew and grew and today it is her main focus..oh that and being mum to 3 little people, including 2 year old twins!


Dani lives in Adelaide but works with wedding couples all over the world through her business – and look I don’t want to steal her thunder by telling you what it is, so I am going to invite her on now so we can hear what she does direct from her!


Meet your host:

Amanda Lutvey is a Marriage Celebrant at Marry Me Amanda, and the founder of a specialised micro wedding business, Scenic Rim Elope. Having spent many years in senior leadership roles in the corporate world, Amanda found her passion in the wedding industry and hasn’t looked back. An experienced public speaker and MC, Amanda brings a positive, warm and engaging energy to everything she does!