Boys will be Boys

So you’ve got some little men coming to your wedding, maybe they are in the bridal party and you are thinking – OMG boys………

Firstly don’t panic, secondly, make sure you remember, “boys will be boys”

boys vest suit set

Some points to consider with most boys:

–          they usually like to chat during the vows (evenly loudly)

–          they can’t sit still for long periods of time

–          they hate posing for endless photos and may pull faces

–          when hungry or thirsty they tend to whinge (loudly….)

So now we have those few things out in the open and you are obviously cool with boys, you may have to decide what they are wearing.

Whether they are in the bridal party or not, it’s likely you will get a phone call asking that exact question and for boys, the answer is easy… a suit!

boys wedding suits

I don’t know about you a wedding is a celebration of love and commitment and it just seems respectful to me to look savvy, no matter your age.

Nowadays it’s easy to suit the little and big tackers up without making too much effort as there are heaps of variations in boys suits from colours to styles.

A word of warning if they are under the age of 6, l would definitely go a vest suit set and skip the jacket. It’s just another thing that will annoy him (and you when it comes to photos)

Vests are awesome, they sit beautifully over a shirt and make it look neat, whilst looking fab in photos, and most importantly a vest, let the “boys be boys” giving them the freedom to run around, swing on trees, and wear themselves out.

Ohhhhhh  – and don’t forget to leave some games, toys, or activities at their table and get them up to dance…..

Happy Planning Everyone

x Christine