Beyond the Big Day – Capturing Memories with Flower Preservation

Flowers play a big part in your wedding day. They’re an opportunity to choose the colours and styles that reflect you and your personality, and they make a huge contribution to the overall visual aesthetic of your day.

Your flowers are more than just your bouquet (although this is important). Your flowers can be featured throughout the ceremony and reception, and will of course also appear in the wedding photos which you’ll treasure from the day.

Choosing your flowers is a big decision, so be really conscious about what you like and don’t like, and the things you feel sentimental about. You might choose a bloom because it reminds you of someone, or because it’s your favourite flower. So it pays to spend time with your florist before the day – they’ll get an idea of what you do and don’t like, and be able to create beautiful flowers which truly add to the magic of the day.

Be careful with your flowers on the day. If you treat them right, they could be helping capture memories from the day for many years to come. How? Through flower preservation.

Gone are the days where keeping your flowers beyond the day meant hanging them upside down to dry, spraying them with a bit of hairspray and hoping for the best.

Today, flower preservation can be a way to create unique pieces of art and memorabilia from the day, using flower dehydration and 3D resin casting.

At Embedded Blooms, we create custom crystal clear resin casts to showcase the beautiful flowers from your big day. These can be large pieces to be a statement piece of artwork in your home, but we can also use wedding flowers to create keepsakes from the day – for example small tokens, keepsakes or coasters to give as gifts to your bridal party.

Your flowers can also be used to create gifts for loved ones who couldn’t attend the big day, and they’ll create a talking piece for years to come.

By carefully looking after your flowers on your wedding day, you’ll then be able to send them for flower preservation the next day. We use a fresh box system so your blooms will be in great shape by the time we receive them – and we accept flowers from all over Australia.

Ideally, factor flower preservation into your wedding planning. If you book your flower preservation at the same time as you book your florist, you’ll be able to rest assured that your flowers will be looked after, destined to be turned into unique pieces of art that will last a lifetime.

By embedding your floral memories with our custom crystal clear resin, you can continue to relive the moments that matter most. Also, your custom piece is sure to invite curiosity and conversation amongst new friends, giving you even more opportunity to share your story with those flowers.

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