Wedding drinks that don’t cost the Earth.

I have been running my mobile bar at weddings now for 8 years. I’ll be honest and say that not everything was just perfect when I started out, things rarely are when you start a business, and some things have needed an upgrade. Everything always runs smoothly now BUT I have one ongoing pain point that I just cannot solve- and that is, what to do with the rubbish. Even with the best intentions, there is rubbish created by the bar. Beer bottles, lids, napkins disgarded by guests, bags from ice. At some weddings it is just a couple of garbage bags but at others, the waste is monumental. And honestly? It hurts my soul.

So yes, I frequently think about how wasteful a wedding can be. Yes it’s only the one day but if everyone has that “one day” the additional waste created can be astonishing.

But as with most things, a little planning goes a long way and there are a whole heap to ways to improve the carbon footprint of your own big day including making a more eco-friendly bar experience. Small (and delicious!) changes can make a big difference without compromising on taste or service.

1) Choose locally produced drinks. Whether that’s locally brewed beers or distilled spirits we’re lucky in the Far North to have some great options. In fact country wide, we are absolutely spoilt for choice. There’s no excuse to skimp here- delicious local drinks, supporting local businesses and of course lower food miles too.

2) Choose a tap beer. All the packaging involved in bottled and tinned beers is an environmental nightmare (even if recycled) and to be honest, it’s a nightmare for bar and catering staff to deal with too. Keg beer (even better if locally made!) is a great, tasty way to reduce your footprint. If this sounds a bit hard, there are a tonne of mobile bars around the country that will happily take this headache off your hands or alternatively contact your local brewery as they may be able to hire you the dispensing equipment you need.

3) Choose a seasonal drinks menu. Mangoes not in season for that mango daiquiri you had your eye on? There’s an abundance of delicious seasonal fruit for every month of the year so save some food miles and enjoy your cocktail guilt free!

4) And whilst we’re on that cocktail note-choose a style that doesn’t require a straw. Or better yet choose a bar that doesn’t use plastic straws or cups! We don’t use plastic straws or cups, using compostable paper straws and our own glassware every time to cut the amount of non-recyclable plastic filling up landfill and littering our oceans. Not only does using real glassware elevate your guests experience (who wants to drink red wine out of a plastic cup…) but this is obviously a better choice for the environment too.

As I said, a little planning goes a long way. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

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