Vendor Spotlight – Australian Wedding Rings

Australian Wedding Rings simplifies the way to buy a simple, high quality, Australian made wedding band, saving couples time, stress and money. Focusing exclusively on gold or platinum classic wedding bands through an online platform, they make the process easy and accessible to couples all over Australia and New Zealand. Each wedding band is ethically made in Australia and turned around within 12 days.

Alex is a jeweller, gemmologist and diamond grader with 20 years’ experience in all things fine jewellery. In 2016, after getting engaged and getting a taste of the wedding planning roller coaster, she founded Australian Wedding Rings to make wedding band shopping the easiest part of wedding planning.

Please introduce yourself to our readers. They love to know about you, your passion, and how you came to find and follow your passion for weddings.

So great to chat with you!

I’m Alex and my journey started as a fine jeweller making jewellery and ended with a desk job managing mass jewellery production in overseas factories. I was unhappy because fast jewellery is made for profits, not for happy wearers.

Then, I got engaged and realised that wedding planning is hectic! But that was my light bulb moment: combining wedding bands that are family heirloom-worthy, with the easiest way to shop for them.
Now I help couples all over Australia and New Zealand save stress, time and money on their Aussie-made, forever wedding bands.

For you, what’s one part of the wedding guests should never miss?

For me it’s the first dance, especially when it’s a slow one. I’m a hopeless romantic so I love seeing the “just married” sparkle in the couple’s eyes. Some of the modern dances are so much fun and you’re witnessing the couple’s first joint effort as a married couple.

As the expert, what is your number 1 tip you can share with our audience about wedding planning?

Know what’s important to you both and have a big-picture plan. When you think about it, a celebrant and witnesses are the things you actually need for a wedding, everything else is preference.

Put all these preferences in a list and divide them into four groups: must have, nice to have, don’t care either way and don’t want. Then, prioritize the nice-to-haves in order of preference and cull from the bottom if you need to. Now you know to spend more time and money on the must-have group and cull from the bottom of the nice-to-have group.

What you the best piece of advice you can give on how couples can make sure their wedding feels true to who they are?

Just because something is a tradition, it doesn’t mean you have to do it. If there is anything that you feel uncomfortable doing or feels dated, don’t do it. We all have our own style in our everyday lives, your wedding should be no different.

Think about the values you share and the sorts of things you both like doing and use that as a starting point for things to include or exclude from your wedding. A wedding that is very “you” will be more fun and more memorable for your guests.

Share one of your secret tips with our readers how they can ensure their wedding goes… Just as Planned.

Rehearse the wedding ring exchange. It seems simple but when you combine nerves, sweaty palms and a very small band, it’s not so simple. If you have it rehearsed, you’ll be more relaxed and that makes for better photos.

The wedding ring goes at the base of the finger, with the engagement ring on top of it so you’ll need to decide in advance what to do with your engagement ring at the altar. You can either wear it on the other hand or ask a trusted guest to look after it until after the ceremony.

Any ideas you can share for what to do the day after the wedding? 

Go on a mini-moon close by. Timing your honeymoon getaway straight after the wedding can be tricky. Getting away some where local for a couple of days will allow you to de-compress and re-connect after a very long, very intense few months.

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