Unique wedding backdrop ideas.

My name is Jess Munday, I am the co-founder of Custom Neon, a global manufacturer and retailer of custom-designed LED neon signs.

Weddings are pretty much where our business began and definitely one of my favorite aspects of what we do. From wedding vows, first dance lyrics, married names, favorite quotes, and memorials, we have neon-ified them all for weddings. Each creates a stunning backdrop, a focal point for photos, and then a beautiful memento to be hung in the home for years to come.

Thank you for joining us here at Just as Planned. Please introduce yourself to our readers. They love to know about you, your passion, and how you came to find and follow your passion for weddings.

As I mentioned I am the co-founder of Custom Neon, I co-founded the business with my husband Jake Munday in 2018. We struggled to find an affordable, safe, and easily accessible LED neon sign for my son’s nursery, and the business idea was born. We sourced several signs for our upcoming wedding to gauge interest levels and the business quickly grew organically from there. What started as a small hire business is now a global manufacturer and retailer with almost 40 team members spanning 3 continents, and we all love a good wedding!

We recently provided signage for The Hilton Reum wedding and more recently Patrick Mahone’s nuptials.

What’s one part of the wedding I can skip—and never miss?

I absolutely love every aspect of a wedding, I don’t think there is any part of the day I would skip! The parts I can’t miss though are the speeches and the first dance! Always filled with so much, love, laughter emotion and if the best man has done his job properly…secrets!

What are some tips as an industry expert you can share about wedding planning?

One tip I would suggest is don’t overcomplicate things and be sure to avoid the pitfalls of Pinterest. There’s no doubt scrolling through Pinterest, you will find an abundance of amazing and aspiring wedding trends to help get excited for your big day. I did it myself, but be sure to just use it as a source of inspiration, or a guide.

Don’t get hung up on trying to create a replica and find yourself disappointed. Often these weddings are unattainable and can make you lose sight of what your day is about…. It’s not the dress, or the venue or the decor it’s Marrying the person of your dreams!

How do couples make sure their wedding feels true to who they are?

Couples should plan all the details together. I know generally theirs one person that takes control, but each bride and groom should have a list of must-haves, which each having opinions on venues color schemes, music, food etc. Rather than copying weddings from bridal magazines, or Pinterest, they need to instead include elements that highlight their personalities, quirks, and passions, in doing this, they will create a day and a memory that is authentically them that they will cherish forever.

There are a lot of over-the-top details in magazines—do brides to be need those in their wedding?

I honestly believe that a bride doesn’t need to be anything on her wedding day other than true to herself. Her dress, make-up, jewelry etc shouldn’t be dictated by anyone, not even the latest on-trend bridal publication.

Any ideas for what to do the day after the wedding? 

After all the planning, preparation and stressful buildup, the day after the wedding can be quite emotional. Often the wedding whizzes by in a blur, but prolonging the revelry by hanging out with family or close friends is the perfect way to stave off those bad feelings. A post-wedding get-together to reminisce, share photos and celebrate a magical day is perfect.

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