The Future of Wedding Gift-Giving: The Wishing Well App Unveiled With Lara & Lina Kolokossian

Welcome to Just as Planned TV and Podcast, where we bring you innovative services to make your wedding day extraordinary. I’m your host and professional wedding MC, Nathan Cassar, and today we have a game-changing digital gifting service that every couple needs to know about. Joining us are Lara and Lina Kolokossian, co-managers of The Wishing Well App.

The Wishing Well App is revolutionizing the gift-giving experience for couples. With this free app, couples can securely receive gifts while guests can send heartfelt video messages and e-cards. No more worrying about storing cards or feeling guilty about throwing them away. The Wishing Well App ensures that every message and gift is cherished forever.

The idea behind The Wishing Well App originated from the personal experiences of two sets of brothers and their wives: Pete and Lina, and Gabe and Lara. Frustrated by the stress and arguments of finding the perfect card and gift on event days, they set out to create a solution. After overcoming challenges and interruptions, The Wishing Well App became a reality, bringing joy to couples and their guests.

In this episode, Lara and Lina will share how couples can strike a balance between traditional gift-giving etiquette and modern approaches. They’ll also highlight the key benefits of using The Wishing Well App, provide tips for effectively communicating gift preferences to guests, and explain the app’s secure and prompt gift delivery process. And to add an emotional touch, Lara and Lina will share a heartwarming story from a couple who used The Wishing Well App on their wedding day.

If you’re ready to embrace the convenience and personalization of digital gifting, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as Lara and Lina Kolokossian take us on a journey through the world of The Wishing Well App.

About our guests:
The people behind wishing well are two brothers and their wives (Pete and Lina, Gabe and Lara) who are always stressing on the day of an event to stop and get a card and cash out and end up arguing because we are running late. This is how the concept of the Wishing Well App
was born – you don’t need to remember to take the invitation because details are stored on your app and you can make a gift on the way to the event. After arriving at a christening super flustered because the 5 petrol stations on the way didn’t have a card, Pete sat down and said to
Gabe “surely there’s an app for this” and Gabe kicked Pete under the table “we should do this” We have worked on this for so long but it’s been a stop/start process
1. because we are perfectionists and want to make sure the app is exactly what we envisioned
2. Lina and Lara (mainly Lara) keep having babies, nevertheless, we are so excited to have finally launched and contribute to happy couples and happy guests!

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