Planning for your Wedding Budget

Finances are the #1 reason for breakups and divorce. The average couple argues about money more than any other topic. Starting off without debt from your wedding will help you build a long-lasting, loving connection rather than stressing about how you will pay that bill.

Ultimately, I encourage you to really dig in and think about what is important to you and your partner, and put your money in those areas. If you don’t want a cake but everyone is telling you that you need one, don’t get it! If you want to spend extra on a dress but others tell you not to, do it! Putting your money where you want it will allow you to have the best day of your lives, and ultimately feel good about where you spent your money.

And if you are looking for ways to save, here are some ideas:
– The dress – buy it online (mine cost $80!), buy a bridesmaid dress and order it in white (or whatever color you want), follow dress shops for sales and trunk shows
– Flowers can be very expensive, so skip flowers and think outside the box
– Consider cupcakes or a sheet cake instead of a fancy cake (who likes the taste of fondant anyway?)
– Print invitations yourself, or think about emailing invitations – this will give you invites for FREE!
– A plated dinner can cost 20% more than a buffet, and honestly, most guests prefer a buffet

Just remember, do what YOU want. This is the day for you and your partner, not your family and friends. Enjoy planning!


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