Dance Floor Dynamite: The Art of Wedding Music & Entertainment with Ben Relich

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Just as Planned TV and Podcast Show, where we unravel the secrets to crafting unforgettable wedding experiences. I’m your host and professional wedding MC, Nathan Cassar, and today we’re all about the vibrant world of wedding entertainment with a musical maestro, Ben Relich, the main man behind WBC Entertainment.


Ben’s journey into the realm of weddings and events is nothing short of extraordinary. From touring the globe as a professional musician to orchestrating unforgettable dance floors, Ben has seen it all. His passion for music and performance has taken him from the bright lights of Europe to the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant music scene.


But Ben’s story doesn’t end on stage. With a knack for spinning tunes and keeping crowds on their feet, he transitioned seamlessly into the world of wedding entertainment. Drawing on his extensive experience in the music industry, Ben brings a unique blend of talent, energy, and expertise to every event he touches.


During our conversation, Ben will share invaluable insights into the art of wedding entertainment. From logistics and planning to crafting personal touches that make your big day truly special, he’ll reveal the dos and don’ts of wedding music, entertainment, and DJing. Get ready to be inspired as Ben regales us with his craziest wedding stories and reveals the secrets to creating unforgettable moments on the dance floor.


So, if you’re ready to dial up the fun and turn your wedding into the ultimate party, then this will be a great episode for you to up the volume on. Ben, welcome to the show!


 About Ben:

I am a professional musician, and since studying music at university I have been playing in &
managing bands. Now I also DJ too!
A few years ago when I was fresh out of university, I was lucky enough to join a couple of bands
which took me overseas, touring and recording around Aus, NZ, and all over Europe. It was an
incredible adventure, seeing parts of the world I’d never seen before, and getting to rock out on
stage every night, doing what I love more than anything, playing music! Since then, I have
stopped touring and focused on playing and booking gigs in my home town of Melbourne. The gigs are just as fun, but now I also get to have a decent night’s sleep!
After realising I wasn’t built for the rock n roll lifestyle, I found myself being drawn to playing
weddings and events. The best part for me is having a dance floor full of people with massive
smiles on their faces, singing and dancing the night away.
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Meet your host:

Nathan Cassar Master of Ceremonies is the standout go-to choice for a smooth, exceptional, and unforgettable wedding reception and is among Sydney’s and Australia’s top-tier award-winning wedding MCs – and for good reason! Nathan’s infectious energy, charming smile, and professional attitude set the stage for an unbeatable celebration.

With +10yrs experience in entertainment and recommended by over 20 NSW wedding venues, Nathan is a master of electrifying audiences. Whether as a former Cruise Director for Princess Cruises or now at the helm of your wedding reception, Nathan knows how to bring the energy and keep it going all night long.